Black Seed - A tribute to good music!

BLACK SEED - The Blues-rock band BLACK SEED was founded in 2017 in Utrecht, The Netherlands, and consists of 4 seasoned musicians, who have more than 20 years experience with playing live music.

The band stands out for the powerful and convincing voice of singer Lesly (Ray Allen) who has previously put his own work on CD with the blues-rock band Radio Rental.

The style of Black Seed is a mix of rhythm & blues, blues-rock and classic rock and takes the audience on a journey through songs by The Black Crowes, Jimi Hendrix, Joe Bonamassa, The Doors, Rolling Stones, SRV, Eric Clapton,John Mayer, ZZ Top, The Black Keys, Led Zeppelin etc.

A live-performance by Black Seed is characterized by passion and conviction and outstanding musicianship, so that the music can really be experienced as it is intended.

Lesly Allen Ray - vocals
Frank Capello - guitars
Pit Koerts - bass
Barry van Bavel - drums

Black Seed is the ideal act for festivals, bars and the music venues! The band is available for bookings for sets up to 120 minutes. Do not hesitate to contact us! ->

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